I'm here to help grow your online presence and earn more money from your website. I graduated from the University of Benin with a bachelors degree. I joined SuccessDigest in 2007 and rose through the ranks to become the Associate Editor. I later joined Concise News as the pioneer Editor-in-chief in 2016 where I led a team of young digital journalists to grow the online newspaper, earning 7 figures/month in ads revenue two years after launch.

In the course of my journey in digital publishing (spanning over 15 yrs), I have gathered immense knowledge about ADA-compliance (for US-based businesses), Content Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Wordpress, Google/Bing webmaster, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Google Analytics, Google News inclusion, Yoast plugin for Publishers, Opera News Innitiative, Recruiting the right content creators, Site Optimizations, Website Development, Key Elements of News Sites, Google News Sitemap for News publishers and everything a digital news website must have.

Digital Business can be frustrating if you don't know what you're doing. If you're about to launch a digital business or you have a struggling digital business, contact me and my team to help you lay a solid foundation for your website.

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ADA Compliance: Your business might just be a 'sitting duck' for a damaging lawsuit

With the rising incidences of enforcement of Americans with Disability Act (ADA) compliance via lawsuits, no American entreprenuer with a website is safe anymore. 

It doesn't matter if you're a realtor, medical practitioner, e-commerce store owner, local business owner, online marketer, affiliate marketer, a local consultant, or if you're into any other type of profession serving American people...so far you have a business website or plan on having one, then you're not safe from expensive lawsuit from the same people you've set out to serve. 

Ignorance is not even an excuse.

Don't take my word for it, see the videos below and make up up your mind, because it can be the difference between whether you keep or lose tens of thousands of dollars you've laboured for!

FOX BUSINESS NEWS on ADA lawsuits in the US

NBC on ADA lawsuits in the US

NBC on ADA lawsuits in the US


Before we go further ahead, what is ADA Compliance?

ADA compliance refers to the Americans with Disabilities Act Standards for Accessible Design, which states that all electronic and information technology (like websites) must be accessible to people with disabilities. 

So, as you can see for yourself, this is not about anybody trying to scare you about ADA compliance. Making your business website ADA-compliant has become a necessity.

Want more proofs of ADA compliance issues? See screenshots below:

How to make your website ADA-compliant

Even though the U.S. Department of Justice hasn’t released official ADA compliance guidelines, it has provided recommendations. Your company wants (and needs) to use these recommendations to start making your site and user experience ADA compliant.

When it comes to ADA compliance for websites in the US, the go-to recommendation revolves around the WCAG 2.0 guidelines. This resource outlines several recommendations or goals for making your website ADA accessible to users across the U.S.

Good news, the WCAG compiled all their principles into an easy-to-follow checklist.

This checklist consists of three levels:

i. Level A: Build a website that some users can access.
ii. Level AA: Build a website that almost all users can access.
iii. Level AAA: Build a website that all users can access.

For ADA compliance, most organizations recommend meeting Level AA requirements.

You can follow the rules below to make your site ADA-Compliant 

Captions: For all live video, provide captions. You can add captions to your live videos using software or professional services.

Audio descriptions: Provide audio descriptions for all pre-recorded content. You can also add a link near the content that directs users to your audio description.

Contrast ratio: Maintain a contrast ratio of at least 4.5:1 for text and images of text. Exceptions include large text or images of large text, logotypes, or incidental text or images of text.

Text resizing: Allow users to resize site text (without any assistive technology) up to 200%. The resize must not cause a loss of content or site functionality. This ADA compliance item does not apply to captions or images of text.

Images of text: Avoid using images that feature mostly text to convey your content unless users can customize the image or the image is essential. If you want to use these kinds of images, like for pull quotes, substitute them using CSS, which can stylize text.

Navigation options: Offer users more than one option for locating a page on your site, unless that page is the result or step in a process, like completing an online checkout. Adding an HTML sitemap, site search, and consistent navigation menu can help you accomplish this to-do.

Headings and labels: Use headings or labels to describe the topic or purpose of content. Aim for descriptive and straightforward labels or headings. You should also label all site elements, like a pricing table or contact form.

Focus visible: Anyone accessing your site with a keyboard should have the ability to see the keyboard focus indicator — or the outline that appears on a form field — on site elements like links, form fields, and menus. Add this feature on your website with CSS.

Language: For any website content that isn’t in your default language, add a language attribute to the page. A site that uses English, for instance, may add a language attribute for a page with content in French.

Navigation consistency: Provide a consistent navigation location and organization for users. Your navigation menu, for instance, should always appear in the same spot (like the left-hand side) and with the same menu items.

Identification consistency: Site elements with the same function should have consistent identification. You can label and name these elements, for example, and use identical alt text for elements with the same purpose.

Error suggestion: Offer users suggestions for fixing input errors, like the format of a phone number in a contact form. You can provide correction recommendations via text.

Error prevention: Any pages that generate legal commitments or financial transactions, modify or delete user-controlled data, or submit user test responses must be reversible, checked for errors, and confirmed before submission. Create an order confirmation page, for example, or allow users to cancel orders within a specific period.

If these will measures will be too much for you to handle yourself, then you can get help by using my ADA-compliance solution.

My ADA-compliance solution

My team and I can make your website ADA compliance today as delay is dangerous.

US-law enforcement agents won't accept the excuse that your developers are working on making your website ADA-compliant.

The only acceptable story is that your website is ADA-compliant and that is why we are here for you.

Unlike others, our ADA-compliant services are very affordable and won't cost you an arm and a leg to execute.

You can contact me by email or chat me up on FB to get started right away.

How To Tweak Your Next Newspaper Advert For Improved ROI

Advertise or die is a very popular cliche in the world of business. I'm a firm believer of this. Advertising is one area of business that entrepreneurs can't wish away. It's delicate, somehow complicated and could leave you broke before you pronounce 'John Doe' if not done with wisdom.

With the advent of social media, a lot of buzz have been created around social media advertising. Some social media marketers even went as far as claiming that traditional advertising is dead and buried by social media advertising. This is not true.

I've tested and still using both traditional and social media advertising. I have been on the editorial board of a newspaper here in Lagos and I've had to promote the newspaper offline and online. I've promoted eminent people online and offline and I can confirm to you that both traditional and new media advertising are still alive and thriving as supported by this Forbes article. Both have their pros and cons. But that's topic for another day.
My topic for discussion today is to share with you a proven strategy that you can use to tweak your newspaper adverts so that you can squeeze out more value from your advertising budget. Not too long ago, around 2012-2013 to be precise, I was gifted the opportunity to experiment with this idea which I've always known to be true, the outcome was awesome.

I had done my research long ago. I was sure my findings and solution were going to work. I had even tested my idea on a small scale. But I wanted a bigger platform to test it. SuccessDigest newspaper provided me that platform.
Truth be told, if you're like me, you're probably sick and tired of being advertised to. Most people are tired of seeing adverts. We see hundreds of them everyday. They're there in our inbox, on TV, in the newspapers, while surfing the web, on our phones as SMS or push notifications, on billboards, branded vehicles etc. Any corner you turn, you are bound to see an advert, especially if you live in Lagos like I do.
The summary of the outcome of the personal research I carried was that due to the ubiquity of adverts, people have become indifferent to anything that looks like advert. So to stand any chance of getting people's attention, your style of advert must be unique. Some advertisers try to do this by using eye-catching graphic designs. Some try to use half-nude girls. Some use popular faces. While big brands can get away with this style of advertising (they are already well-known and are not looking for direct response to their offers), same cannot be said of small and medium scale businesses who have to make every advert campaign count. So, trying to look like a big brand on the pages of newspaper is like sweet poison to many advertisers. 
What interests me the most is the fact that despite the many evidences supporting this advertising phenomenon, many Nigerian advertisers seem to be unaware as they keep pushing out adverts upon adverts on the pages of national dailies despite the fact that their ROI does not justify the amount of money invested in advertising. This is a pointer to another surprising view I've long held; many advertisers don't measure their adverts ROI. This also is discussion for another day. 
So back to my idea on how to tweak your newspaper adverts and shoot up your ROI from adverts. A time came when SuccessDigest newspaper was passing through a real tough patch financially. Advert revenue, the paper's main source of income as it is with all media houses, took a nosedive and was not showing any sign of coming up again despite all the efforts put in by the advert executives. Management got concerned and had to brainstorm on how to steady the ship or close shop.
Management set out to inquire from advertisers why they no longer patronize the, hitherto, booming SuccessDigest advertising platform. Our discovery was ground-shaking!
I'll summarize our discovery thus; SuccessDigest advertisers were smarter than we thought! We, the editorial team of SuccessDigest newspaper, have somehow forgotten that a good percentage of our regular advertisers are mostly the protégés of the publisher of SuccessDigest and Complete Sports newspaper, Dr. Sunny Obazu-Ojeagbase; the father of direct marketing in Nigeria as far as I'm concerned. 
We got the same response from all the advertisers we interviewed. I still remember my visit to Azemogbor Gregory, founder of BethelMendels, Ikeja, and one of SuccessDigest's leading advertiser at that time. Our photojournalist, Asije Matthew, volunteered to drive my official car that day as we set out from Okota to the Ikeja office of BethelMendels. He was confident that our presence in Greg's office would be enough to bring him back to continue advertising with SuccessDigest.
By the time I finished discussing with Greg, I discovered we have a big problem on our hands. Apparently, advertisers on SuccessDigest platform have been following the advice of their mentor. They've been monitoring their adverts ROI which has been gradually and consistently declining for a while. So, one after the other, they pulled out from advertising on SuccessDigest platform.
After brainstorming on our findings, management felt it knows what to do. Many agreed that increasing print-run so that the advertiser's adverts can reach more eyeballs will do the magic. Unfortunately, that option was not within management's reach as the paper was running on a very lean budget. To make matters worse, many agents and vendors were not making expected returns to the company. You see, in publishing, newspaper agents and vendors can conspire to frustrate you. For seven years, I watch this happen to different publications in different ways. Publishing is a difficult terrain where you can easily burn your your life savings as a publisher. 
In SuccessDigest's case, some agents and vendors were simply not co-operating anymore. They collect the papers, sell and keep everything for themselves with a promise to pay up soon. The paper was handicapped. The only thing that could be done was to stop giving papers to such agents and vendors. This kept happening every now and then and over time this greatly affected the paper's circulation figures. Advertisers were not aware of this till later.
It was at this point that I offered my idea to management in one of our weekly editorial meetings. I told management that I was strongly of the opinion that even with the modest circulation figures, advertisers can still get decent return on investment if my idea was implemented.

What's that idea, you ask?
My idea was to help advertisers reconstruct and redesign their adverts such that it will not look like what the readers are already used to. I called it advertorial(advert in story form). It involves interviewing the advertisers, and crafting great stories around their offers. People love stories. Stories well-told. Weaving offers with a interesting stories will bring down readers guards and lure them into patronising the advertiser's offer, I reasoned.  I'd seen it in foreign newspapers. I'd tried it myself on my blog. I was sure it would work for SuccessDigest advertisers.
As it happened, the idea was a life-line! Immediately upon implementation, SuccessDigest was able to pay its staff full salaries after several months of paying its staff half salaries and sometimes a small percentage of their salaries because of sharp dip in advert revenue and withdrawal of subsidy by its publishers.
Come to think of it, this was the same SuccessDigest that loyal advertisers of many years had given up on. The same print-run (we couldn't afford increasing print run at that time). The same kind of offers. The only difference, new style of presenting adverts content. 
This true life story is not about me or SuccessDigest. It's about you, an advertiser or a prospective advertiser and how you can get maximum ROI from your advertising budget. It starts with doing things differently. Rather than create your advert to look like that of big brands with pictures, colours and lots of free space (aesthetic but hardly sells anything other than brand recognition), come up with a great advertorial to promote your offer. It works! It sells!! Reason? I can't put my finger on it yet. Maybe its because it doesn't look like the usual adverts readers are already used to and skip by intuition. Maybe its because advertorials offer you the flexibility to connect with your audience in more words. Whatever be the reason, advertorials in newspaper sell more than traditional newspaper advert formats. 
I remember an advertorial I wrote for Mr. Sunday Anjorin, an importer/exporter who exports timber and imports phones and tablets. The copy was so good that Mr. Anjorin had to order for another container of the android tablet we promoted in SuccessDigest from China to be able to meet up with orders coming from SuccessDigest readers alone.
If you're a good writer, you can write your advertorial yourself and buy advertising space in any newspaper of your choice. If you're not too good with written words, then go ahead and hire a freelance copywriter to interview you and then weave your interview into a well-crafted advertorial. 
I keep telling clients who consult me on content marketing that 'unless they're big brand with overflowing budget for adverts meant solely for brand recognition, then they have no business with those traditional 'pictures-and-beautiful-colors' kind of adverts. Such advert design impacts on small advertisers' ability to give their target audience enough reasons to open their wallets and patronize them.
Lastly, if you want the best from your advertorial, avoid 'salesy' copies. They can easily turn your readers off. Work on giving your readers something educative and full of benefits to them. A copy too good to turn down.
You can contact me if you need help with your next advert copy.

Tested Blueprint For Earning Real Cash From Blogging


If you blog just for fun, then this article is not for you. But if you ventured into blogging with the hope of making a living out of it, then read on...

This article was written a while ago, but it is still very relevant for today. By the time you’re through reading this article, you should have a clear picture of what you’ve been doing wrong in your blogging business that is preventing you from earning a kobo from your efforts and how to go about addressing those problems even if you’ve never earned a kobo from your blog before. Let’s get started...

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