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Ticket Advertising: You can build a business selling low cost advert spaces on the back of receipts that will be issued out by Supermarkets, ATM machines, Shopping malls etc.

By Lordson Okpetu 

Ticket or receipt advertising is a low-cost advertising concept that is very popular in European countries, South America and Mexico, but is still conspicuously absent in Nigeria’s advertising landscape.
In a nutshell, ticket advertising is an advertising model that enables advertisers to place low cost adverts on the back of receipts that will be issued out by supermarkets, ATM machines, shopping malls, fast food restaurants.
If you can pull this off in Nigeria, the money-making opportunity is massive considering the number of receipts issued out in Nigeria at various ATM machines, supermarkets, fast food joints etc.

Tips to get started
To get started in this business opportunity, you’ll need to set up a platform/outfit that will bring ticket issuers and advertisers together. The two parties mentioned don’t necessarily have to see face to face. You, as the go-between party, should be able to provide all the information the other two parties need to know concerning the arrangement.

First approach as many ticket issuers as you can and negotiate to supply them all the rolls of papers they’ll ever need for receipt free of charge if they’ll allow you to print non-competitive and harmless adverts at the back. Some may agree right away. Some may demand for more incentives. That is for you to decide.
The next thing to do is to go out and look for advertisers who will pay very affordable rates to have their adverts displayed on the back of the receipts.

Once you have the two parties signed on to your platform, then you’re in business. Calculate how much it will cost you to procure the rolls of tickets that you will supply free of charge, how much it will cost you to print on the back of the receipts, how much will take care of all the other costs, then add a reasonable profit to compensate for your efforts and expertise.

Ticket advertising is very effective as the adverts are not just reaching the person given the ticket but an entire household, with varying needs and wants - a significant opportunity. It shouldn’t take time for advertisers to spot this value and flood your platform with advertising revenue.

Handing over checkout receipts to customers is a legal obligation; thus advertisers
can be sure of guaranteed distribution every day, at every participating stands. 

Don’t get it twisted, this is not a get-rich-quick opportunity. It is one that require hard work and persistence, but one that the rewards are worth every effort put in. The more receipt issuers and advertisers you have subscribed to your platform the more money you stand to earn from this business.

If you need some inspiration and guidance to get started, see how Ticket-Com is doing this business on
*****The End*****

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