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Dotcom Newsletter Launched!

Dear friend, 

I have been very busy in the past few weeks cooking up something for you. Yes, you reading this. => Check out the dish here.

You're reading this because you have an interest in earning money on the internet, and I've cooked up something that will move you closer to that dream.

I have harnessed my over 8 years experience of surfing the web everyday and night for IM tools, tips, articles, trends and resources to launch DOTCOM Newsletter.

DOTCOM Newsletter will be a summary of all the useful materials about IM that I come across as I continue to live on the internet. It will be hitting subscribers inbox every Sunday.

So what I have done is to take off you the load of time, money and energy wasted sifting through the deep ocean of internet in an attempt to separate the 95% junk IM materials and uncover the really useful ones.

I have been doing this on a smaller scale before. I have a number of subscribers who have really benefited from their subscription to one or two of my newsletters. This is not to mention the number of followers of the WWW.COM column in SuccessDigest newspaper which I personally compile every week.

Now that the DOTCOM newsletter has replaced the other newsletters that I published in the past, I am reassuring my old followers that they won't be locked out of this new feast. Everybody on my list will automatically start receiving DOTCOM newsletter.

If you're not sure of being subscribed to any of my newsletters in the past, you can click here to subscribe to DOTCOM newsletters now. Please join me on this exciting ride as we, together, strive to conquer IM as Nigerians.

You can see the last two editions of DOTCOM newsletter here: Edition 2 | Edition 3   

*****The End*****

Over 5,000 internet marketers in Nigeria anxiously look forward to every edition of DOTCOM Newsletter published weekly by Lordson Okpetu...enter your details and subscribe below to find out why:

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