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Can I Withdraw My Adsense Earnings With Payoneer Card?

Though many American companies like Amazon, Clickbank, Fiverr etc allow Nigerians to collect payment with Payoneers US payment service by adding their American bank details provided by Payoneer, Google is an odd exception.

However, unlike before when Nigerian webmasters are stuck with having to wait for weeks to have their adsense cheque delivered to them and then endure the associated exorbitant transaction charges, Google has added Nigeria to the list of countries that can withdraw their adsense earnings by direct wire transfer.

What this means is that you can have your adsense earnings paid directly into your domiciliary account in Nigeria.

To start receiving your Adsense payments directly to your domiciliary account, follow these simple steps: Login to your adsense account ->Click payment – Payment settings ->Click “Add a new form of payment”->Select wire transfer->Complete your domiciliary account details [this include your account name, Your bank name, SWIFT-BIC, and your account number.

That's all you have to do to set up your adsense earnings to be paid by Google directly into your dorm account.

It is also being rumoured that Nigeria may soon be considered for the Western Union transfer option as being currently enjoyed by other African countries like South Africa, Ghana, Algeria, Egypt etc.

So now is the time to redouble your effort to earn more from adsense.

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