18 June 2014

What Are The Benefits Of Paypal's Acceptance To Nigerians?

-By Lordson Okpetu- 

It's no longer news that Nigerians are now part of the Paypal family. Yes Paypal now accepts Nigerians. Read more about that good news here ==>> Paypal Extends Its Services To Nigeria

What's not so good about the news is that unlike other Paypal accounts, the Nigerian Paypal account is limited to 'Send' only. This means you can't use it to receive payment on your site or from other online merchants you're working with.

This downside, however, should not remove any shine from the Paypal effect on Nigerians integration into the wider and more juicy internet community.

What do I mean by this? What I mean is that there are some things which are hitherto not possible for Nigerians online because we are not accepted by Paypal but are now possible now that Paypal accepts us to use its services. I'll give just two of my dozens of personal experiences.

There was this American program I joined early last year that involves using a particular search engine to pull targeted traffic to the program. I hit a brick-wall with that program when the search engine would not accept my GTB Mastercard which majority of other online merchants have been accepting.

But in less than few hours after Paypal launched in Nigeria, I opened and verified my Paypal account with that same GTB Mastercard, and through Paypal I've been able to use that same GTB Mastercard that was turned down to purchase the traffic I wanted from that same search engine that previously turned me down. I still can't believe how easy these things can be with Paypal.

There was also this WSO I missed out on Warrior forum just because the Warrior that created the offer wouldn't accept any other forms of payment but Paypal.

Now, the first edition of that WSO is sold out, but I'll definitely be among the first set of subscribers for the next edition. all thanks to Paypal.

Paypal's coming to Nigeria is a blessing to digital marketers. There is never a better time to be a digital marketer in Nigeria than now.

If you're experiencing any challenge verifying your Nigerian Paypal account, see my post addressing this issue on Facebook below.

Post by Lordson Okpetu.

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  1. Kunle Alao25 June 2014 15:50

    I've successfully verified my Paypal account with my GT Mastercard, thanks.