10 February 2014

Be Careful What You Think Is Impossible

“You will need a private ship and a personal port to start exportation business with just 100k. Please tell that to the maroons (sic),” was a comment by one Sheik DrHenry that struck me while promoting our just concluded exportation business by Sunday Anjorin on facebook two weeks ago.

The promo headline of that seminar on facebook reads: ‘Exportation Business Demystified: Sunday Anjorin, an ordinary SuccessDigest-reader-turn-big-time-exporter, vows to reveal to anybody interested all it takes to start up a small profitable export business with whatever start-up capital they have ...even with as little as N100,000 start-up capital', and our friend, Sheik, thinks it’s impossible to start small scale exportation with this amount without owning a private ship.

Well, the exportation seminar by Sunday Anjorin took place last weekend at Success Attitude Development Center, Lagos with over 30 people from different parts of Nigeria in attendance, and none of them saw the need to trigger our legendary money-back-guarantee clause to register any form of disappointment.

What that tells me is that Sunday Anjorin has again (this is not the first time Anjorin is delivering this seminar on SADC’s platform) been able to show the seminar attendees how to start a small profitable exportation business with as low as N100,000 start-up capital, and yes thanks to Sheik, without owning a private ship and a personal port.
Now, here’s my lesson to Sheik, people like Sheik who think everything is impossible, and others that listen naysayers out there: Everything is theoretically impossible until it’s done.

I’ll explain my statement above further with some examples. Keeping an object as heavy as a plane suspended in the sky was, many years ago, considered impossible; so was dropping a man on the moon; having two people on opposite sides of the world communicate in real time; setting up a small profitable exportation business with as low as N100,000 start-up capital without owning a private ship and a personal port, and yes, Importing from US, Uk, China starting with as low as N30, 000 (I will come back to importation business shortly).

Maybe, if Sheik and other doubting ‘Thomases’ out there have an idea on how far we at SADC go to ensure only credible people facilitate seminars on our platforms, they wouldn’t ever doubt our headlines again. For the benefit of Sheik and new readers of Successdigest, I’ll share the summarised story of the facilitator of our exportation business, Sunday Anjorin, again, "My story started with borrowing N100 which I used to buy the copy of SuccessDigest that gave me the inspiration and resources to decide to set up my own export business. So, when I finally started the business, I didn't collect more than N10,000 from my wife to travel to where I sourced for the timber that I exported. I delivered the goods in Lagos and I got paid a few days later - less than five days later.

"This payment, which was my first ever paid business returns, was N250,000. Just imagine someone who has been used to struggling to earn a thousand naira before suddenly earned so high... It was very difficult for me to comprehend, but I thanked God,"
Anjorin recounts.

Today, Sunday Anjorin is the MD/CEO of Anjorin and Atanda Investment Ltd, a striving export company - fully into export of agricultural products which includes sesames seeds, cashew nut, timber and ginger, and some other chains of businesses, including importation of branded laptops, tablet computers and smart phones.

Enough said about Sunday Anjorin, exportation business and naysayers. Talking about importation business now, yes I promise to throw more light on importation business, another extraordinary SADC seminar facilitator, Kakue Gbenegbara, a successful importer trained and nurtured by SADC, is set to mentor other SuccessDigest readers on how to start a small profitable importation business starting with as low as N30, 000.

Come Saturday, February 22nd, 2014, Kakue will be live at SADC to teach how to earn between N50, 000 – N450, 000 monthly importing new/used items like laptops, cloths, shoes, cars, smart phone, ladies bags, computer/phone accessories, Brazilian hair, cameras, memory cards, jewelleries, flash drives and lots more from the US, UK, Hong Kong, Canada and China starting with as low as N30, 000.

If all you can raise as business start-up is up to N30, 000, and you’ve been told by naysayers that that amount is not enough to start any business, then by all means attend this seminar and try out small scale importation business.
Seminar fee is N5, 500 only! Free lunch will be provided!!

In conclusion, I want to leave you with the words of one of the greatest men that walked the surface of planet earth, Alexander the Great, he said and I quote, “There is nothing impossible to him who will try.”

I wish you the best!

“To the timid and hesitating everything is impossible because it seems so.” - Sir Walter Scott
*****The End*****

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