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How To Join The League Of Smart Entrepreneurs Who Source And Market Their Good Finds Exclusively

By Lordson Okpetu

Sourcing for products to market is lucrative if you know how to go about it. But more lucrative is when you’re able to source and obtain the right to market a certain products exclusively.

If you’re hearing about the ‘exclusive marketing rights’ concept for the first time, or you’ve already heard about it before but don’t know how to pull it off, do not worry as you’re in luck today. By the time you’re done reading this article, you would know what exclusive marketing right (EMR) is, how to go about securing one, and how to use it to earn big cash.

An ‘exclusive marketing right’, in a nutshell, is an agreement that makes you the only go-through point for wholesalers and retailers to obtain a particular product in a well-defined territory. Think of the type of relationship that exists between BMW automobile and Coscharis group in Nigeria. A similar type of relationship exists between Coscharis and Abro auto care products.

What this type of relationship means for Coscharis is that whenever anybody, anywhere in Nigeria buys any of these products (e.g. a brand new BMW car of any model, or any abro autocare products), part of the profits comes back to them.  Interesting!

But more interesting is the fact that building this type of relationship with manufacturers is not rocket science, and is not for only big players like Coscharis group.

In this business model, enormous opportunities exist for small companies and individuals too because most small manufacturing companies tend to be experts in design and production, but poor at marketing. Even some big companies are not left out.

As a result, you'll often find some incredibly good products just sitting on manufacturers shelf. This is where you come step in and help the manufacturers sell their products in exchange for the exclusive marketing rights of the product.

Who Can Request For Exclusive Marketing Rights From Manufacturers?
Anybody with a zest for marketing can make a fortune from this business model. In fact, smart marketers like Joseph Cossman confessed to only marketing products they control through exclusive marketing right.

How Anyone Can Make Money With Exclusive Marketing Rights
To make money from exclusive marketing rights, simply follow the four steps below...

The Four-step Guide To Earn Big Cash From Exclusive Marketing Rights
Step 1: Source for a good product
Step 2: Evaluate the product
Step 3: Obtain for FREE, the exclusive rights to the product
Step 4: Market and sell the product for big profits

Sourcing For A Product:
What you want to achieve at this stage is to locate a product that is already selling, but is not available in your niche (desired territory) market yet. Sometimes you get a winner with ‘abandoned’ products that are just sitting on a manufacturer’s shelf.

Where and how to locate products with potentials:
How and where to locate potential products you can obtain their Exclusive Marketing Right is an essential knowledge you need to succeed in this business model, otherwise you’ll just go round and round in circles and not get anything out of your efforts.

Take it from me, the best place and probably the only place, you should look for products you can obtain their exclusive rights is the source of the product.

Only the ‘source’ of product can confer on you the exclusive marketing rights to that product. No other person/group can.

So, in your hunt for potential products you can acquire its EMR, the first and only place you should concentrate your efforts on is the source of products.

What are these sources I’m referring to? I’m talking about manufacturers/producers, inventors, importers of products. Looking elsewhere is a total waste of time. Rather concentrate your effort on looking for the sources.

Henceforth, when you pick up a newspaper, don’t just read the news articles and dump it like you used to do, start cross-checking the newspaper adverts for potential ‘sources’, manufacturers, importers, inventors. These are the people you can, and should, approach for EMR agreement.

Note: It’s not only in current and future newspaper editions that you can spot potential ‘sources’. Old newspaper articles are as good, if not better, places to look for potential ‘sources’.

Apply the same method to your internet browsing. When browsing the internet, be on the lookout for potential sources.

As you go about locating products that are already selling, but not available in your niche market yet, bear this in mind...go after small scale manufacturers. Do not even think about going to large-scale manufacturers like Friesland (manufacturers of Peak Milk), Coca cola, Dangote etc. These big time manufacturers have already-established distributing channels, and won’t even grant you audience.

When you come across products you’ll like to market exclusively, quickly proceed to step 2, which is to evaluate the products to eliminate the ones that won’t do well in your market.

You have to do this diligently so as not to dissipate energy marketing a product people don’t really want. Unfortunately, space will not permit us to discuss the evaluation process here. So, let’s quickly move on to how to obtain the exclusive rights to market a product.

How To Obtain For FREE, The Exclusive Rights To Market A Product:
So you’ve identified a product you’re sure you would like to market exclusively, congratulations! You won’t know how eager most small scale manufacturers/product owners/importers are to sell more quantities of their products until you approach them with a proposal to help them sell more.

But, to make this proposal, you have to employ the right approach. Approach a manufacturer/product owner unprofessionally, and you can be sure you’ll never land the deal.

However, even if you don’t have a ‘bleak clue’ about how to professionally ask for EMR from a manufacturer/product owner, following this amazingly simple approach for obtaining exclusive rights to a product -- for FREE --will make the process a piece of cake. Just follow the 9 instructions below:

1.                  Never pay for exclusive marketing rights! It is FREE!! You are opening up new markets and sales for the manufacturer at your expense. You’ll be footing the bill of marketing the product in your area of exclusivity. And remember, time is money and that's what you will be providing. Your only total upfront cost should be for postage, and maybe a sample if you can't talk him into a free review product.

2.                  Most manufacturers have an email address, which is the best way to contact them. Send them a simple email introducing yourself, what you do, what you want from him/her (manufacturer), and proof that you can do what you’re asking for.

The essence of this letter is to build relationship with the manufacturer. Two types of manufacturers will not reply your email. One is a manufacturer that is not interested in selling more copies of his product. Another is the manufacturer that doesn’t understand what EMR is about. I call them the ‘no-reply’.

Do not concern yourself with the ‘no-reply’. What you want is the ‘hot leads’-- manufacturers that will reply your email. Hot leads are made up of both the ones that are eager to get started right away (super hot lead) and the ones who reply to turn your offer down for whatever reason (warm lead). The next thing you’re going to do is to quickly get back to the ‘super hot leads’ with your reply expressing your desire to get exclusive marketing rights in a certain territory. Attach a copy of the exclusive marketing right agreement for the manufacturer’s consideration. You can edit and use this sample below:

This AGREEMENT is made on the dates signed below, by and between (Your name or company name) of (your address), and (Manufacturer’s name) of (their address).
WHEREAS (Manufacturer’s name) is the manufacturer of (name of product) and is desirous of having said product distributed in (Name of your intended EMR territory), and, WHEREAS (Your name or company name) is a distributor of such products in the above-stated ‘territory’;
IT IS AGREED by the above-named parties, in consideration of the promises and covenants hereinafter contained, as follows:
1.  (Manufacturer’s name) grants to (Your name or company name) the exclusive sales and distribution rights to (name the product) throughout the above-named ‘territory’.
2.  (Your name or company name) agrees to diligently sell and distribute (name the product) in accord with the terms and conditions of this agreement.
3.  (Manufacturer’s name) agrees to turn over to (Your name or company name) any and all orders and inquiries regarding stated product it shall receive from the above-named ‘territory’.
4.  (Manufacturer’s name) will provide (Your name or company name) with all technical data regarding the products; sales literature, brochures, catalogs, etc. currently in use for the product; and any and all future improvements (Manufacturer’s name) may develop relative to the product.
5.  (Your name or company name) agrees to buy the stated products exclusively from (Manufacturer’s name) and refrain from marketing similar products in competition with (Manufacturer’s name).
6.  (Manufacturer’s name) agrees to maintain production capacity capable of supplying the orders produced by (Your name or company name).
7.  (Your name or company name) agrees to sell a minimum of XXX units (the quantity of products you plan to sell) of (Manufacturer’s name) product during the first year of this agreement.  Should (Your name or company name) not sell XXX units within the first year, it shall be to the determination of (Manufacturer’s name) whether or not this agreement shall be continued for additional years.  This agreement shall renew automatically for additional years so long as a minimum of XXX units of the product are sold each year.  (Define what one unit of the product is to be.)
8.  (Your name or company name) shall have the sole discretion to determine the methods of merchandising the products under this contract.
9.  (Your name or company name) has the unfettered right to, and may, assign its rights and obligations under this agreement to a third party.
We, the undersigned, agree to the terms and conditions of this agreement on the below written dates.

3.                  When negotiating for new product exclusivity, expect to get your share of refusals and turndowns— most of these refusals can and should be turned into acceptance if you know how. It’s simple to make this happen, just that space will not permit me to share with you my plan for approaching manufacturers who turn me down and still get the deal done.

Keep plugging along and you'll likely get that winner in time. Most manufacturers want to work with you, and especially want you to succeed, as your success translates into more money for them. But, they want to be represented by a true professional that can perform, making sales according to their goals. It's your job to convince them that you are that person. Give them reasons why you can perform by showing some past successes (if you have), or your ability to penetrate the market you are requesting exclusivity for.

4.                  Don't be too specific or you'll give away your trade secrets and a manufacturer may feel he may not need you, because he now believes he can now do it himself, since you've given him the idea.

5.                  Don't be afraid to ask for what you want.

6.                  If you calculate you realistically need to make a certain amount of money per unit, and you expect to conservatively sell a specific minimum of units per month, don't be pressured into higher prices or greater sales targets. Only settle for what you believe to be fair and realistic. If they want more than you believe fair or realistic, pass up the product and find another one from someone else.

7.                  Since most manufacturers/product owners only sell their products through two or three methods, you may get exclusive rights for other markets like the Internet or mail order.

8.                  Don't buy large upfront stock. If possible, just get a few samples, and work with these and possibly some pictures or catalog sheets (glossy pictures with product description and specifications). If you need stock, be conservative, and start with as little as possible. Use all the existing selling aids you can get from the manufacturer, to start with.

9.                  Once the manufacturer/product owner sees you can perform in the market he's assigned to you, he will likely give you additional exclusive rights to other markets/products.

The last step to take in making money with EMR is to market and sell the products you control exclusively in your niche/territory and strictly keep to your agreements with the product manufacturer.

This is where a good knowledge of marketing comes in. Regrettably, space will not permit us to discuss in details how to market your products effectively.

Generally you have to think big, the manufacturer who gave you exclusivity to his products expects a lot from you in the area you control. Aim to sell in bulk and not in retail quantities. You may need to recruit marketers and distributors nationwide. You can ask the manufacturer for handbills, banners, brochure and other marketing materials. These materials will help make your marketing easier if available. 

Check my eBookstore for my ebook on Exclusive Marketing Rights in Nigeria.

Video: Watch Joseph Cossman explain Exlusive Marketing Rights

*****The End*****

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Why I Decided To Partner With Ken Stewart

The date was January 28, 2012. I logged in into my Facebook account in the morning and I got a message from this American, Ken Stewart.

"Hi Lordson! Noticed you're in Lagos and are involved with internet marketing. Perhaps we can meet in Lagos next month and talk about making money online as well as possibly having us featured in your SuccessDigest magazine!"

We got chatting, and I found out that Ken Stewart sits atop a fast growing company named one of 2012's top 20 moneymaking opportunities by, featured on the Direct Selling News list of top 100 companies in the world, and recommended by Robert Kiyosaki of "Rich Dad, Poor Dad" fame.

He told me the company is expanding into Nigeria and that he thought I might be interested in partnering with him to grow the company in Nigeria.

To be honest with you, I wasn't interested in partnering with Ken for a number of reasons, chiefly amongst which are: 

1. My job at SuccessDigest leaves me with barely any time to do other things.
2. I have a problem with the business model. I'll talk more about this shortly.

However, I was interested in featuring Ken's business opportunity in SuccessDigest. I know a number of people who will be interested in the opportunity. So, I started negotiating with Ken about how to promote the opportunity in SD.

To cut the long story short, Ken and I could not reach an agreement on how to promote the opportunity in SD. I wanted Ken to pay for advert space to promote his opportunity, Ken had other ideas.  

I gave up on him.
Ken has other ideas

Ken trying to persuade me to join him 
A few days later I had a change of mind about Ken's MLM distributorship model. 

I had done MLM (multi level marketing) for many years, but a few years ago, I had decided to put an end to it. Not because anything is wrong with MLM, but because I don't have the time for it. 

I must confess it was difficult for me to take that decision to rest an income stream that once fetched me in one day, more than what I earn as salary in my paid employment. I have proof. You can ask to see it.
I would be crazy not to want to be at the forefront of distributing a product recommended by Dr. OZ in Nigeria.

So, I decided to give Ken's distributorship a shot. Today, I'm glad I took that decision.
Update: Today, May 29, 2014, I have over 6, 000 people registered below me with Ken's help.
Immediately after changing my mind, I carried out a quick research about Ken's distributorship opportunity, and I saw a goldmine starring me in the face.

Like I mentioned earlier, I discovered this opportunity is listed as one of 2012's top 20 moneymaking opportunities by, featured on the Direct Selling News list of top 100 companies in the world, and recommended by Robert Kiyosaki of "Rich Dad, Poor Dad" fame.

I discovered that Dr. Oz, World Famous Physician and Heart Doctor featured on Oprah Show, recommended VEMMA in Esquire Magazine as the best multivitamin for men under 60. VEMMA happens to be one of the products to be introduced to the Nigeria market and which Ken wants me to help him get distributors for.
Click here to register as a distributor now before others beat you to it.

I also discovered that the other product, Verve Energy Drink, that will soon be introduced into Nigeria by Ken is the official energy drink of an American basketball team, The Phoenix Sun, and that the team has a distributorship agreement that is estimated to bring in between $300, 000 - $400, 000 annually.

I can go on and on listing reasons why I decided to partner with Ken Stewart to distribute Vemma products in Nigeria that you may need to hire a taxi to reach the end.

I wouldn't want to put you through that stress, I want you fresh and strong for the distributorship campaign, so I'll just summarize what makes this opportunity unique and why experts are recommending these products in 12 points:

Here are some Key Reasons Why VEMMA Distributorship Is the Perfect Opportunity For You! 
  • Free distributorship! 
  • Free website to promote your product. See mine here.
  • No large financial risk! 
  • You have the opportunity to pioneer VEMMA’s expansion into Nigeria, VEMMA is targeting health and wellness, the next trillion dollar industry, and most importantly, VEMMA is about to enter its hyper-growth phase!
  • Set your own hours and be your own boss! 
  • Work from home! No storefront or office needed! No inventory to stock, no deliveries to make, no paperwork, and no employees! 
  • Build a business in Nigeria, Kenya, Uganda, Ghana, South Africa, and more than 50 other countries around the world without leaving home or affecting your full time job! 
  • No experience or special skills requirement. Anybody with zeal to succeed can do it! 
  • Free training and support! 
  • Make money 8 different ways, get paid weekly.
  • Solid, well managed, 6 year old division of a 15 year old, global leader in its field with over $1.5 billion in sales to date! If you build it today, it will be here tomorrow, unlike many companies, especially new ones, which will be here today and gone tomorrow, taking your hopes and dreams with them! 
  • Work with 2 legendary network marketing industry leaders and top VEMMA earners who have more than 65 years of combined business, marketing, and sales experience, who’ve helped several companies to generate $1 billion or more in sales, had numerous people on their teams earn up to $1 million a year and more in income, and who will share with you the secrets that have made them millions of dollars during their careers! 
  • Promote 2 award winning products, one named “Best Overall” product of its kind by The Men’s Journal magazine, and the other voted '2009 Product of the Year' in the U.S. by a leading fitness publication! One of the few companies in the industry with independent human clinical studies which prove the products work and recommended by world renowned physicians like Dr. Mehmet Oz!
If you're ready to become your own boss today with no start-up capital, 
Click here start your Vemma business today!


You can also like my Vemma FB fanpage to stay abreast of latest news and events about Vemma.

Post by Vemma Nigeria.
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How To Create Different Unique, Easy-to-remember Passwords For The Different Web Services You Use

Most heavy internet users probably have to subscribe to many different web services that require them signing up with usernames and passwords. Many people make the mistake of using one or a few passwords for all of the services they are subscribed to online. This is not a good idea, since someone who gets to know your password in one service, can use it to hack into your account on another service. This is one of the most frequent ways people’s accounts get hijacked online.

It is better to have one single password for each web service you subscribe to. Though it can become a tough challenge trying to remember all the unique passwords you’ve used on all the webs services you subscribe to, you can overcome this challenge by using hints while creating your password. This lesson will teach you how to use ‘hints’ to create different easy-to-remember passwords for the different website services you subscribe to.

1. First you have to know what ingredients make up a strong password, one that is very difficult to guess but easy for you the owner to remember: A mix of small and capital letters; some numbers and one or two special characters. When you have the right mix, you are done with the first part.

Let's practice: Let's say you are a fan of Chelsea football club of England, you can strip the vowels and mix the remainder in small and capital letters e.g. ChLs. Now you add a 3 digit number that means something to you and a special character to become something like this ChLs100%.

3. Good! Now let's deal with the problem of having one different password for each service. You can add, let's say, the first 2 letters of the service you are using, the first in the beginning of the password, and the second in the end. If you want to log in Yahoo, you would use the ‘Y’ in the beginning and the ‘a’ in the end, so the final password would be yChLs100%a, which is very hard to guess.

This means your Facebook password will be something like fChLs100%a, and your Twitter password will be tChLs100%w and so on... giving you unique, difficult-to-guess, but easy-to-remember passwords on all your online accounts, thereby saving you the heartaches associated with hacked accounts.

*****The End*****

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Ticket Advertising: You can build a business selling low cost advert spaces on the back of receipts that will be issued out by Supermarkets, ATM machines, Shopping malls etc.

By Lordson Okpetu 

Ticket or receipt advertising is a low-cost advertising concept that is very popular in European countries, South America and Mexico, but is still conspicuously absent in Nigeria’s advertising landscape.
In a nutshell, ticket advertising is an advertising model that enables advertisers to place low cost adverts on the back of receipts that will be issued out by supermarkets, ATM machines, shopping malls, fast food restaurants.
If you can pull this off in Nigeria, the money-making opportunity is massive considering the number of receipts issued out in Nigeria at various ATM machines, supermarkets, fast food joints etc.

Tips to get started
To get started in this business opportunity, you’ll need to set up a platform/outfit that will bring ticket issuers and advertisers together. The two parties mentioned don’t necessarily have to see face to face. You, as the go-between party, should be able to provide all the information the other two parties need to know concerning the arrangement.

First approach as many ticket issuers as you can and negotiate to supply them all the rolls of papers they’ll ever need for receipt free of charge if they’ll allow you to print non-competitive and harmless adverts at the back. Some may agree right away. Some may demand for more incentives. That is for you to decide.
The next thing to do is to go out and look for advertisers who will pay very affordable rates to have their adverts displayed on the back of the receipts.

Once you have the two parties signed on to your platform, then you’re in business. Calculate how much it will cost you to procure the rolls of tickets that you will supply free of charge, how much it will cost you to print on the back of the receipts, how much will take care of all the other costs, then add a reasonable profit to compensate for your efforts and expertise.

Ticket advertising is very effective as the adverts are not just reaching the person given the ticket but an entire household, with varying needs and wants - a significant opportunity. It shouldn’t take time for advertisers to spot this value and flood your platform with advertising revenue.

Handing over checkout receipts to customers is a legal obligation; thus advertisers
can be sure of guaranteed distribution every day, at every participating stands. 

Don’t get it twisted, this is not a get-rich-quick opportunity. It is one that require hard work and persistence, but one that the rewards are worth every effort put in. The more receipt issuers and advertisers you have subscribed to your platform the more money you stand to earn from this business.

If you need some inspiration and guidance to get started, see how Ticket-Com is doing this business on
*****The End*****

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Wait And Get Phone Repair Shop

By Lordson Okpetu

Are you ready to set up a cell phone repair outfit that can say ‘Yes, we can fix that’ to that Nigerian whose iPhone has a cracked screen because it fell on the floor, or to that home based ‘mumpreneur’ whose brand new BlackBerry Z10 that she got as a gift from her husband on her last birthday got water-damaged when her toddler dropped it in a bowl of water, or to the young boy whose iPod suddenly stopped charging for no apparent reason at all, or to the lady that has to move around with multiple chargers because of low battery life?

Can you set up an outfit that can fix any problem on any phone in record time? Charging port, low battery, cracked screen, broken LCD, water damage, liquid damage, no audio or low audio, damaged microphone, dark screen or something else?

If you say yes to ALL the questions, then you could be on to something big, and I’ll show you in a moment.
Presently, most Nigerians are of the mindset that the best option available to them whenever their phone gets damaged is to purchase a new one. And you can’t really blame them. If you’ve ever tried repairing your damaged phone before, you will understand why.

For instance, how soon did you get your damaged cell phone back from the repairer the last time you tried repairing one? I guess not so soon.

If you were lucky to have gotten your phone back from the repairer in one piece, was the fault repaired without the repairer introducing another? I guess not.

Ok, so your damaged phone was brought back to life, did it function like it used to before the damage occurred? I guess not.

We could go on and on with the issues that made majority of Nigerians arrive at the conclusion that it is better to replace a damaged phone than try to repair it. The simple conclusion, however, is that Nigeria lacks professional cell phone repairers!

Yes, there may be a number of good repairers scattered around the country, but we lack a professional phone shop where anybody can bring ANY damaged phone to and go back home the same day with the phone working like a new one.

Yes, it’s a lot of work to set up a shop like that, but isn’t it Thomas Edison who said that most people miss out on opportunities because it comes dressed in over-alls and looks like work?

Setting up a wait and get cell phone repair shop across many localities in Nigeria is a goldmine waiting to be tapped. There is barely a household you will enter in Nigeria that you will not find one, two or more cell phones abandoned as a result of the owners’ preference to acquire a new one instead of fixing the damaged phone. Just think of the millions of naira you could make helping these people repair their phones in your one stop shop for all cell phones repairs! It’s simply mouth-watering.

For instance, there is a business in the US that prides itself as a one-stop shop for wait and get cell-phone repairs for all phones. The company grew and expanded very rapidly such that today this company is selling its franchise at $55,000 [about N8.5m] to other Americans to set up and operate the business as their own in their respective locality.

Guess what? Americans are buying this franchise, with testimonies to prove that buying the franchise is a good decision. Can you beat that? Cell phone repairs franchise!
Phone in water

What does that tell you? That should tell you that professional cell phone repairs has a ready market anywhere there are cell phone users. It should also tell you that if the business is successful to the point of being able to sell franchise in the US, it is importable and its success can be replicated anywhere in the world, Nigeria inclusive.

And who says this business stops there? You can decide to expand this business to include the repairs of all kinds of gadgets across a wide range of makes and models.

Cell Phone Repairs; Tablet Repair - iPad 2, iPad 3, iPad, Asus Transformer, Kindle, Nook, Nexus 7 tablets repairs and more]; Laptop Repair - HP, Lenovo, Dell, MacBook, Toshiba, Sony VAIO, Asus laptops repair and more]; Game System Repair - Xbox, Xbox 360, Wii, Wii U, PS3, PSP, 3DS, DS, Game Boy consoles repairs and more; MP3 Player Repair -  iPod Touch, iPod Nano, iPod Shuffle, iPod Classic, Zune HD repairs and more!

Major tools you’ll need to get started:
1: A conducive office in a good location
2. Well trained and professional cell phone repairers armed with modern cell phone diagnostic and repair tools, and assorted cell phone spare parts. They should be prepared to go an extra mile to fulfil the company’s mission statement (wait and get cell phone repairs)
3. Usual office tools like chairs, tables, computers, printers etc.
Smashed phonescreen

As an investor in this cell phone repair business, you’ll never run out of patronage as cell phones and other electronic gadgets are what most Nigerians use to connect to technology in this technological age.
Our electronics keep us connected, informed, and plugged in to technology. Unfortunately, they also get damaged easily. And fortunately for you, you’ll always be available to help them fix it no matter the degree of damage, for a fee of course.

Check for more details on how the US company mentioned above successfully operate this business.
*****The End*****

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